How To Enable Two-Step Verification For The Dropbox Account?

Two-step verification is the best way to ensure that your accounts don’t get hacked. It is a simplest computer security measure and provides a layer of protection to your online accounts by allowing you to enter your password and the special code sent on your mobile phone. Two step verification offers high security to your Dropbox account, however, this feature is not turned on by default. In order to safeguard the important files from unapproved access, it is highly recommended to the users to enable the two-step verification for your Dropbox account. In order to turn on the feature, follow the below mentioned instructions:

• Log into the Dropbox account.

• Once you have logged on, click the name at the upper right corner of the screen. Select Settings from the menu.

Select Settings from the menu.
• Click on the Security tab.

Click on the Security tab
• Locate two-step verification option and click Enable.
Two-step verification option
• Next, click ‘Get Started’.

Get Started Program
• Dropbox provides two means for getting the security codes during the time of login: mobile apps and text messages. If you choose the first method, users are required to install certain apps on their smart phone: Dou Mobile (Android/iPhone),Google Authenticator (Android/iPhone/BlackBerry),Amazon AWS MFA (Android).

As the text message technique works on any mobile phone and does not enforces you to install anything, its better to choose the text messages option. Choose ‘Use text messages’ and click next.
Choose ‘Use text messages’ and click next
• On the text field, enter your mobile phone number. Click next.

Enter your Mobile Phone Number
• An SMS would be sent to you comprising a six digit code. Users are required to enter the code into the next field in order to complete the setup process. Once the code is confirmed, the two-step verification would be turned on for your Dropbox account.

Enter the six digit code

One thought on “How To Enable Two-Step Verification For The Dropbox Account?

  1. Thanks for the step by step instructions for turning on the two-step verification for the Dropbox account. It worked really well for me and now my Dropbox account is safe and secure.

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